Pilot Tools

This project was initiated to reduce the consumption on a standard 1200mm x 600mm recessed fluorescent office lighting fixture housing 4 x 36w tubes with our Sunfor T5 Retrofits.

The standard magnetic ballast currently used in this specific fixture draws approximately 50-55w watts and utilises a capacitor. Unbeknown to the owner, if the capacitor is operational or not and serving its point as a power factor corrector, this could result in the consumption on that specific tube (if not working) to double the consumption.

A standard 36-40watt T8 – 4ft tube draws between 198 to 210 milli amperes and if the capacitor has failed the consumption it then draws between 370 – 395 milli amperes (drawing between 80-95w of power to light up that T8 fluorescent tube). These readings differ slightly from fixture to fixture.

Our 4ft 28w Sunfor T5 Tri Phosphor Retrofit draws 2w for its ballast totaling 30w per tube and electronic ballast, reducing consumption on average 47-52% per tube, improving quality of light and reducing future maintenance costs. We reduced consumption down to between 98-104 milli amperes per tube with our Sunfor T5 Retrofits and have now eliminated all the possibilities of those unforeseen failures and wasted energy expenses.


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