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What to Consider Before Installing Recessed Lighting

What to Consider Before Installing Recessed Lighting

Recessed lights are one of the best improvements you can make to your home. The below outlines the main decisions you should consider when planning to upgrade your room with recessed lighting.

Size & Type of Lights

Regardless of the type, you will usually find 6-inch or 5 –inch recessed lights that can be used for general lighting in a house. Smaller lights can be used for accent lighting, and in most cases general lighting for smaller rooms.

You will need to decide whether you will be using LED trims or trim and light bulb combos. The difference is that LED trims don’t use bulbs and separate trims. Instead, they are a whole luminaire inside a lighting fixture. Most of them use a two pin connector to fit LED fixtures, whereas some also include a screw-base adapter when installing standard fixtures.

Amount of Lights

It is common to think that the more vivid the lights are, the fewer you will require. But, it is not the brightness that makes the lighting great. The spacing of the lights is actually what makes the difference. If you plan to install a few lights that are spread widely across the room, you will be leaving dark spots between them. In addition, if you are installing a great number of lights it will just look like a clutter of lights! You will need the right amount of lights to space them evenly apart.

Controlling the Lights

When planning your lighting installation, you will need to think about how you will be using the lights for the room.

Would you want a dimmer switch to control the brightness? It is recommended to have dimmers as it is an inexpensive solution to have complete control on the brightness of your room.

Should all the lights turn on together, or switch on separately? If you are planning your lighting installation for larger rooms, it is beneficial to separate the controls to your lights.

Where should you place your controls? In some scenarios, the controls should be placed where you would enter and leave the room. You wouldn’t want to walk across a dark room in order to switch the lights on!


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