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Light up your City with LED Lights

Light up your City with LED LightsNothing shows your pride more with your city than displaying customised light shows. That is what the beautiful Miami Tower, a 47-story building in the core of downtown Miami did. This building is famous for its colour changing lighting and has been a part of many movies and TV series. The reality of reinventing a skyline with unlimited colour possibilities is here.

Architectural LED lights were not possible in the past, but that has all changed. LED lights bring colour and vibrancy to a dull city skyline. Because of the tiny size of LED lights, it is possible to put thousands of lights together. Aside from this, LED lights are extremely energy efficient. Compared to other lights, LED lights consume 90% less power. There is also less chance of overheating compared to other light bulbs. Here are the steps to creating architectural LED lighting:


Step 1: Pick a building to design

To add colour and light at night, you can design a building using LED lights. Firstly, choose a building you would want to design. This can be any building, including a famous landmark or a tall building that would stand out next to the others.

Step 2: Create a design

The toughest part when installing LED lights on buildings is the design of the lights. It is not as simple as a strip of LED lights. A common design in architectural lights is outlining the building. You can also experiment with colours and designs.

Step 3: Guesstimate the materials required

Because most architectural lighting requires a large amount of LED light strips, you should estimate all the materials you will need before the installation such as fuse boxes, power sources, and more.

Step 4: Install the LED strip lights

Since you are installing lights in a building, you will need the correct people to do the job for you. Let them know the design you want to achieve.

Step 5: Get an electrician

Architectural lighting is a large scaled LED lighting. To ensure the building is safe, it is recommended to hire a professional electrician that will take care of the wiring of your LED lights.

If you are looking for the best quality LED lights to light up your building with, contact Sunfor Technologies. We offer a wide range of lighting solutions including strip lights, canopy lights and more. Visit our website here.

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