Solar Lighting – Nezio

Designed and manufactured in South Africa.

4 registered South Africa design patents – – “RSA design app nos: A2015/01322 to F2015/01325”

Our design has many advantages, 360 degree UV absorption, better performance abilities, Vertical Mono Crystalline Solar panels for better overall design and system efficiency without the performance issues relating to collection of dust particles which over time layer the surface of the solar panel if no constant maintenance is being done (cleaning of panels) and constructed of mainly Aluminium  components (framework) IP67 LED modules, slim line lithium batteries with 1200 cycles @ 70% DOD (5 year design life) IP68 solar controllers with built in day night sensing amongst other features. These unit is completely serviceable with readily available replacements parts should the need ever arise over time. Present on design to burn at 100% brightness for 5 hours then dim to 70% for the duration of a 12 hour cycle however dimming options available from 100 / 70 / 50 / 30%. Custom designs can be catered for and these models can also be supplied to operate at 100% brightness for 12 hours per night with a standard 2 day back reserve (Autonomy). Frame work (housing) options available: White, Anthracite Grey, Black, Sandy Stone and Green.