Compact Solar LED street and area lighting – SFSOLBT10

Our compact series Solar LED Street and area lighting solutions are 60% local content and designed by Sunfor supporting Proudly South African made products. These models are manufactured in a compact, lightweight, slim line and aesthetically pleasing, easy to transport and install design with the versatility of having a separate solar panel ensuring the Solar panel receives optimum sunshine. Unlike the All IN ONE COMPACT solar street lights which are all integrated into a single housing which makes this design very difficult to position into a north facing direction for your solar panel and not knowing which position your road or area the light needs to project too!!!

Our model with its 2 separate pieces, one being the solar panel which is 360 degrees rotatable to set in a North facing direction to ensure the design receives its full charging abilities from the Solar panel and the other the street & area light compact module which houses all other components and can also rotate on 360 degrees on the pole to simply utilize the light where it is required with no restrictions or limitations on this design. Our SFSOLBT12 – 20 – 30 is manufactured currently from a 10 – 12  – 15 and 20w model and we have another series which is under proto type design stages will be a 30 – 40 and 50w model series soon to be launched. This model utilizes Lithium Ion technology with 1000 – 1200 cycles at 70% DOD, MPPT charge controllers and we also have a motion sensing model with dimming and motion pre-set capabilities dependant on a client’s specific needs or requirements. Housings and Solar panel frame work colours, Black, White, Dove Grey, Anthracite Grey and Saddle wood Brown are available.