600w Solar LED Highmast – SFSOLHM4X150LI

The 4 x 150w Sunfor Solar Highmast Range uses Lithium Phosphate battery technology, allowing for battery life span of between 5 – 7 years.This design can be supplied in 3 ranges. 4 x 150w, 6 x 150w and 4 x 200wThe 21190 lumen x 4 LED Flood light, set at a height of 17m, offers a 30, 60, 90 or 150×80 degree smart beam optics..LED Flood technology is supplied with SMD (Surface Mount device – Light emitting module) Philips Lumileds.The battery has enough capacity to run the light at 100% for 6 hours and at 70% for the remainder of the night, for a period of two full nights without charge or at full power.This design is for street lighting applications for residential and public roads.Option of 3 colours on battery cabinet and solar panel frame work, White, Grey, BlackThis design can also be supplied with GMS for remote programming, monitoring & fault alerts.