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What are LED Strip Lights?

LED strip lights are a type of light that is made up of a sequence of LED’s set into a strip that is attached to the surface. LED lights are light emitting diodes, and are known for their extremely bright light as well as assorted colours of light you can get. LED lights are energy… Continue Reading

The Basics on LED Recessed Lighting

  Also known as LED can lights, LED recessed lights can be used for various applications in residential, retail and commercial areas. No matter how extravagant the design of your home is, bad lighting can kill the mood. LED recessed lights, when used correctly, are able to remedy that. The aim for LED recessed lighting… Continue Reading

The Effect Of LED Lights On Your Health & The Environment

Light is essential to human beings. On a straightforward level, natural light assists us in distinguishing when to wake up and go to sleep. Manmade light, on the other hand, enables a range of different activities when natural light is not available. Everyone is exposed to light every day, which may have an overall effect… Continue Reading

The Advantages of Street Lights

What is an LED light? A light emitting diode, also known as an LED, is a semi-conductor device that produces light when electrical current passes through them. LED lights are directional light sources, this means that they produce light in a specific direction. For this reason, LED lights are able to utilise energy and light… Continue Reading

The Most Cost Effective Lighting Solutions for your Home

The Most Cost Effective Lighting Solutions for your Home In this day and age, there is plenty of reason to be concerned about the global energy crisis which is starting to have its affects felt in all corners of the globe. Times being what they are, households and businesses everywhere have had to take it… Continue Reading

Energy Efficient Lamps for Everyday Applications

Energy Efficient Lamps for Everyday Applications South Africa has been facing an energy crisis for years now, an incident which has left a lot of people looking for smart ways to save money on electricity consumption. With winter just around the corner and the inevitable onset of load-shedding coming our way, now is the time… Continue Reading

Your guide to LED floodlights

Your guide to LED floodlights LED floodlights are excellent for security, operating outside and minimising energy bills. This useful guide will let you know what you need to watch for before you make your purchase.   Why choose an LED floodlight? LED floodlights have many functions, from security purposes to porch lighting, and can be… Continue Reading

Different Types of LED Lighting

Different Types of LED Lighting Light Emitting Diodes, or LEDs, are electronic components that emanate light when electricity is passed through them. As with most light bulbs, they can be used to illuminated a room or specific area, and also be used in a wide range of locations. They can be found both indoors and… Continue Reading

Solar Powered LED Lighting

Solar Powered LED Lighting Solar electric lighting systems are connected to the sun. Solar outdoor lighting uses the power source that is related to the load the light that turns on when the sun goes down. The system relies on energy storage which is batteries unless it remains connected to the grid. This is also… Continue Reading

Outdoor solar lighting

Outdoor solar lighting Installing outdoor solar lighting is not a difficult project and there is no wiring that is involved. There are ways that you can minimise your outdoor solar lighting for an optimal result. You also need to consider the location of where you are planning to install the solar lighting. You need to… Continue Reading

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